To qualify for exemption from Academic English course attendance, students must meet the following

conditions and requirements (A + B):

(A) They must have one of the following language certificates

  • IELTS certificate with a score of  7.5 or above
  • TOEFL certificate with a score between 100 – 120 
  • C2 Certificates (CPE, TELC) with a passing grade or above 
  • C1 Certificates (CAE, TELC) with a B grade or above
  • or have a GCE A Level, US High School Diploma or an IB Diploma.

No other language certificates or a score below the specified range will be recognized. 

(BIn addition to the above, students must prepare a 15-minute academic presentation which must adhere strictly to the following guidelines: 

  • The presentation must make use of PowerPoint slides or other similar multimedia aids. 
  • The presentation should concern topics closely related to the student’s field of study, include a fair amount of technical terminology and be appropriate for the C1 level. 

The presentation is to be scheduled and delivered within the first semester of compulsory language classes. Students are advised to make an early appointment (by email) with  the Foreign Language Course Coordinator (see the list below) to schedule the presentation. 

In the same semester, students who qualify for the exemption, may enroll into other language classes. If they fail to deliver the presentation though, said classes will not be graded.

  • The student will be deemed as having failed to qualify for exemption if the presentation, for any reason, is not  delivered within the appointed time or fails to meet the criteria.
  • The presentation will be assessed by the FLC Coordinator. 
  • The mark given by the FLC Coordinator for the presentation will be regarded as a final C1 examination grade. 
  • Presentations graded below 4,0 will not exempt students from course attendance and the C1 examination. 

Take note that

the total number of language hours will still need to be completed by the students in accordance with their Faculty curriculum.

Foreign Language Course Coordinators: