What is C1 Exam in Academic English?

This is a mandatory examination in Academic English targeted at C1 level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which you must pass in order to complete your first-level degree studies in English.  

How can I get a passing grade for the C1 Exam in Academic English?

You can do it either by sitting an exam run by the Foreign Language Centre/WUT or by presenting an equivalent external certificate recognised by our University and delivering an academic presentation. To check the list of certificates recognised by WUT and to find out more on how to transfer your credits for the external certificate into your student book, please go to the website Exemption from course attendance and C1 Academic Exam

Who can take the C1 Exam in Academic English at WUT and when?

You may take the C1 Exam in Academic English if you have completed at least a 60-hour preparatory course in Academic English run at your faculty. 

The examination should be taken, at the latest, in the last semester provided for foreign language courses in your faculty’s curriculum. 


A pass in the C1 Exam in Academic English does not exempt a student from doing all the credit-bearing hours of foreign languages as provided for in the curricula of their faculties. Students who pass the C1 Exam in Academic English may use the remaining credit-bearing hours to study another foreign language, enroll for a course of Polish for international students or continue to study English but only at C2 level.

A positive grade received in the examination is final and the student cannot re-sit  it to improve the grade. A positive grade is entered into the student record book, the faculty grade records and into the diploma supplement.         

The grade obtained in the C1 Exam in Academic English can be improved by the end of the first-degree programme of study only if a student submits a relevant external certificate recognized by WUT. The new  grade shall also be entered into the student record book, the faculty grade records and into the diploma supplement. 

Dates for the C1 Exam in Academic English

The C1 Exam in Academic English is available to all WUT students and it is held three times each academic year: at the beginning of the winter and summer examination sessions, and also in September,  on the same day as the university B2 exam.

Exam registration:

You need to register for the C1 Exam in Academic English with the Foreign Language Centre each time you decide to take it, using your personal USOS account. You may also be asked to declare the exam in your faculty electronic system.

Information on dates and the registration procedure is made available to students four weeks prior to the registration date on www.sjo.pw.edu.pl, and it can also be found on your faculty noticeboards (near the FLC’s staff rooms) and on the boards near room 417 in the Main Building. 

You may cancel your registration for the C1 Exam in Academic English online by visiting  the registration page.

No registration will be possible after the deadline. 

Dyslexic and disabled students

Students with dyslexia, impaired hearing or any other disability must submit a medical certificate to the Student Affairs Office/FLC (room 419 in the Main Building) before the registration deadline.

Certificates submitted after the deadline shall not be considered. If you have submitted your certificate previously, when registering for the first time, please call the FLC (22) 234 59 83 to inform them of the fact.

Examination Procedures for Candidates

The list of students registered for the C1 Exam in Academic English will be posted a few days prior to the date of the written examination on www.sjo.pw.edu.pl and displayed on the noticeboard near Room 417 in the Main Building.  You should check your examination timetable carefully and make a note of the correct date, venue and time for your written examination.

Please ensure that you arrive at your examination venue at least 15 minutes before the start of your exam.  Leave your outdoor jackets and coats in the cloakroom. Latecomers will not be given additional time to do the listening comprehension task.

To be admitted to the examination room, you must bring two documents with a clear photo:  

your ID card, passport, student ID card or your driving licence.

The University operates a zero tolerance policy to cheating in examinations and any student trying to cheat or use unauthorised material during the exam will automatically be removed from the examination room and his/her exam will be regarded as failed.

Please ensure that you follow the steps below after the written exam results are announced:

  • If you have obtained the minimum of 50 marks and do not qualify for exemption from C1 Academic English oral examination, or you wish to withdraw from such exemption:
  • you should register for the speaking test via your personal USOS account on one of the registration days that will be announced well in advance. As with the written part, no registration for the oral exam will be possible after the deadline.
  • If you have obtained the minimum of 50 marks, you may be exempted from the oral examination  (that is, if you have completed at least a 60-hour course in Academic English with a grade of minimum 4.5) and if you wish to be exempted on this basis, visit a member of the Examination Board responsible for the C1 Exam in Academic English during his/her duty hours to have your final grade registered.

If you have failed your C1 Examination in Academic English  

You may request to view your failed examination script within one month following the release of the examination results. In order to arrange a time to view your examination script, contact the relevant member of the Examination Board for C1 Examination in Academic English during his or her office hours available on the noticeboards at the Foreign Language Centre and on the FLC website.

If you have failed the oral part of the examination, you must re-register for this part of the exam in the next examination period (the entire registration procedure must be repeated).

If you have passed the written part of the examination but declined to sit the oral part (or failed it), you may take it at any other date designated for oral C 1 Examinations in Academic English.  Your positive result achieved in the written examination shall remain valid.