I. Erasmus Mundus Programme

The student may attend language classes only if they are assigned to the WUT Foreign Language Centre by the Vice-dean for Academic Affairs or the faculty project coordinator, who can pay for the classes.

II. Erasmus Programme

Welcome to Warsaw University of Technology! 

  1. Upon arrival please check your Learning Agreement for details about the number of ECTS points you need to gather while learning languages.
  2. Your Agreement may also specify language classes you need to attend. While at our University, you can learn English, Polish or any other language instructed in English.


Our offer of classes of languages (other than English and Polish) instructed in English varies depending on the semester. You can check the offer for the current semester within the ‘Timetable’ section.

  1. All language courses are credited (2-4 ECTS points), rules and regulations on passing language classes apply.

Who do you need to contact to sign up for classes?

Student Affairs Office WUT Main Building, room 419 (+48 22) 234 59 83, e-mail: studenci.sjo@pw.edu.pl

Registration for language courses in the summer semester 2023/2024

Registration dates: from 16.02.2024 (7:30) to 26.02.2024

You can find the offer on the website www.sjo.pw.edu.pl