General information

The courses of Polish as a foreign language are dedicated to international students of all kinds of studies and are conducted as a group classes, just like other foreign language classes at WUT. Number of hours – 30 for 2 ECTS or 60 for 4 ECTS depends on Erasmus/exchange learning agreement or faculty requirements (full-time bachelor English studies).

Duty hours

  • Andrzej Dunaj, M.A.
  • Aneta Kamińska, M.A.
  • Marta Szpak, M.A.

All teachers are available for consultations on Ms Teams on 23 and 30 June 2021, between 9:00-11:00.

Levels and modules

Here you can see how levels and modules are organized at FLC.

Teacher responsible for Polish classes

Marta Szpak, M.A.

e-mail address:

phone number: 661 378 134