TE-Con3 – WHAT is it?

  • TE-Con3 is a European project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, and it involves seven Partner Institutions from across Europe.
  • We wish to develop an innovative methodology for teaching General English in higher education using content modules to reflect a variety of academic disciplines: architecture, art and media, automotive engineeringbiomedical sciences & health communication,and geography.
  • By offering a broad spectrum of academic topics we aim at promoting education for active citizenship while stimulating linguistic and academic development.  
  • Our model is intended for university language tuition across Europe.

TE-Con3 – WHO are the Project Partners?

  • University of Warsaw (Poland) – project coordinator
  • Tallinn University (Estonia)
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)
  • Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (Poland)
  • Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
  • University of Algarve (Portugal)
  • University of Pitesti (Romania) 

Warsaw University of Technology – Foreign Language Centre – WHO are we?

  • principal investigator/contact person: Magdalena Walenta (Ph.D.)
  • co-investigator: Marcin Kwieciński (M.A.)
  • support team: Anita Pawłowska (M.A.), Elżbieta Sławińska (B.A.)

Warsaw University of Technology – Foreign Language Centre – what is OUR ROLE in the project?

  • we co-work with other Partners on the production of all project outcomes,
  • we prepare two teaching units in the academic domain: Architecture,
  • we conduct a training session for FLC/WUT teacherssupervise trial lessons and conduct a follow-up assessment questionnaire,
  • we produce (with UW) the final version of the on-line Manual for TE-Con3 teachers,
  • we organize the final TE-Con3 conference (April 2023). 

What are the expected PROJECT OUTCOMES?

  • report on the state of English for Higher Education in Europe, 
  • TE-Con3 framework – guidelines for teaching English as modular content
  • lesson scenarios from five academic disciplines, ready for immediate classroom application,
  • an on-line Manual for TE-Con3 teachers,
  • MUL-TECON – a multimedia platform integrated with a dedicated website for storage and sharing of all TE-Con3 resources,
  • an international conference and a series of local dissemination seminars.

The PROJECT OUTCOMES may be of interest to YOU if:

  • you teach or study English at a university,
  • you’re interested in the state of English for Higher Education in Europe,
  • you teach/research Academic EnglishESPCLIL,
  • you are involved in language policy making at the national or local levels
  • you want to add a spark to your English learning/teaching experience.

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