FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change the faculty during the Foundation Year Programme?

No, you cannot. After completing Foundation Year, you are supposed to begin your study at the faculty you have applied to. If you decide to change the faculty, you should apply to it again.

  1. Can I work during the Foundation Year Programme?

It depends on your visa type whether you can work or not.

  1. Will I receive a Student ID card?

You will receive the FY Participant ID Card. The Participant ID Card does not entitle you to discounts on the Public Transport in Warsaw.

  1. What subjects will I have?

You will have Polish Language, English Language, Polish Culture, Mathematics, Physics, Introduction to Information Technologies (IT), Introduction to Engineering and Chemistry.

  1. Can I start my studies at WUT after the Foundation Year Programme?

Yes, you can. When you complete the Programme, you can start your studies at WUT.

  1. Will I receive the certificate at the end of the Foundation Year Programme?

Yes, you will. At the end of the Programme, every participant who completes the Programme receives a certificate and a transcript of records.

  1. Will I receive any scholarship during the Foundation Year Programme?

No, you will not. The Warsaw University of Technology provides no scholarship for Foundation Year’s participants.

  1. Will I be able to change the course group?

No, you will not. Only in some circumstances participants can change the course group.

  1. How many absences can I have without any excuse during the semester?

It depends on the subject. For subjects you have twice a week, you have four absences during the semester. For subjects you have once a week, you have two absences during the semester.

  1. How can I justify my absences?

You should prove your absences, showing us a document confirming why you were absent each time, e.g., a medical certificate from a doctor, from hospital or a confirmation that you were vaccinated, etc.

  1. Can I go on a Student exchange (ESN) during the Foundation Year Programme?

No, you cannot. The student exchange (ESN) is only available for students who study at our University and completed at least one year of their studies. 

  1. Will I receive materials for classes? Are they free of charge?

Yes, you will receive all needed materials for your classes. They are free of charge.

  1. Will I receive access to Microsoft Office 365 applications? Is it free of charge?

Yes, you will have access to Office 365 applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, MS Outlook, and MS Access. It is free of charge.

  1. How many learning hours does the Foundation Year Programme have?

The total number of learning hours during the Foundation Year Programme is 600. It is divided into two semesters of 300 learning hours each.

  1. How many times can I re-sit an exam from each subject at the end of the semester?

You can re-sit an exam only once./ It depends on your teacher.

  1. Can I fail the subject because of insufficient attendance?

Yes, you can fail the subject because of insufficient attendance. Attendance has an impact on your final grade.

  1. I lost my Participant ID card. Can I receive a duplicate of my Participant ID card? Is it extra paid?

Yes, you can receive a duplicate of your Participant ID card.