Our Graduates

Thanks to our Programme more than 250 candidates could start their dream studies at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) since the beginning of the Foundation Year Programme in 2015. But for the Foundation Year Programme (WUT), they would not have been able to start their studies at our University.

Many of our Graduates have successfully graduated from studies at WUT with the Bachelor’s Degree. Some of them have even started studies for the Master’s Degree at WUT after graduation.

Our Graduates have said that the Foundation Year Programme helped them to adapt on our Universitybefore they started their studies. They have said that thanks to the Foundation Year Programme they found  the beginning of their studies easier and less stressful.

They have said that they met great people with whom they still had a good contact. They have said that they had an opportunity to gain knowledge and improve their language skills.

More than the 80% of Graduates would recommend the Foundation Year Programme as a great experience in their life. 

Some opinions of our Graduates about the Foundation Year Programme, WUT:

Shaun, Student of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Engineering,
Faculty of Automotive & Construction Machinery Engineering, WUT:
It acted as a bridge between the actual studies by letting me experience the new environment I was going to study in and make me comfortable with it and helped me get used to this type of environment.

Otabek, Student of Computer Science & Information Systems,
Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, WUT:
It has allowed me to settle into life in Poland and get myself ready for university life while learning subjects useful and helpful during my university degree program.

Raynier, Student of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Engineering,
Faculty of Automotive & Construction Machinery Engineering, WUT:
I benefited a lot during my Foundation Year. I made a lot of friends who were also doing the Foundation program, which helped me to settle easily into my new lifestyle here in Warsaw. Academically, it was a great opportunity to prepare myself for my future course in the Main University (WUT).

It really made the early years I would have found quite difficult way easier and stress free, because of the tutoring on background learning and professors willing to take time to break down everything.