About Foundation Year

Foundation Year is a programme for all candidates for B.SC. studies at Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) ( https://www.students.pw.edu.pl/index.php/Studies-Offer/B.Sc.-offer)  The programme is addressed to candidates who have applied to study at undergraduate level at WUT and have taken the diagnostic entrance test in Mathematics and Academic English but did not show sufficient knowledge in one or both of these subjects.

The programme is designed to improve the students’ skills and create a solid base in the above-mentioned subjects. It will help students to continue their studies at a undergraduate programme, pass all exams on time and obtain a B.SC. diploma with a good grade.

These candidates will receive a conditional acceptance letter onto the chosen B.SC. programme . After the successful completion of the Foundation Year and submitting all the required formal documents, students will begin studies at the selected Faculty.

Successful candidates will receive Certificates of Completion at the end of the Programme.

To find out more about the Foundation Year programme check Programme Details and for the terms of Registration click here.