FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the Foundation Year Programme?

The Foundation Year Programme is a 1-year Programme which prepares candidates to start first-cycle studies at WUT.

  1. How long does the Foundation Year Programme last?

The Foundation Year Programme lasts 1 year. It starts in October and finishes at the end of June.

  1. Who can participate in the Foundation Year Programme?

Candidates for undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s Degree) who do not meet all requirements to start studies at WUT.

  1. Is the Foundation Year Programme available for candidates who want to apply for graduate studies (Master’s Degree)?

No, it is not. The Foundation Year Programme is only available for candidates for undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s Degree).

  1. Why was I referred to the Foundation Year Programme?

You did not meet all requirements required by the Faculty which you wished to get into.

  1. How can I register for the Foundation Year Programme?

You should create an account and upload all the required documents on the Online Application System for Studies in English, WUT and wait for the admission decision.

  1. Will I be accommodated in a dormitory?

You may be accommodated in the WUT dormitory if you apply for it.