Residence Permit

1. The documents must be submitted at least 1 day before the visa expires, but we advise that you start the preparations of documents at least 1 month in advance. Do not leave it until the last moment!
2. ALL the documents you submit must be in Polish language.
3. Before you go to submit the documents, please first book the appointment at
4. First card is issued until a date that your studies end plus additional 3 months ( longest period is 15 months).
5. Documents mentioned in points 1 and 2 (below) must be issued no earlier than 1 month before submission of documents.
6. After submission of documents at the Immigration Office, please check your postbox every few days (either in a dorm or private apartment) for possible letter from the Immigration Office with some additional requests (it may happen, but not a rule).
7. It takes up to 60 days to receive a decision from the Immigration Office and another 30 days to receive a card.
8. While you are waiting for the decision and your visa has expired you cannot leave Poland!
9. After submission of documents, your passport will be stamped with a special stamp. This means you have submitted your application for residence permit and you are now waiting for the decision. Even if your visa expires in the meantime, do not worry, the stamp means you are in Poland legally until you receive a decision/residence card.
10. While going to the Immigration Office for document submission, remember to have your passport with you!
11. At submission of documents, your fingerprints will be taken.

Documents required for the residence permit:
1. Letter from the University confirming your student status (you can obtain it from the FY office).
2. documents certifying holding a health insurance as defined by the Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds or confirmation of insurer’s coverage of medical treatment costs within the territory of the Republic of Poland

3. Bank account statement confirming sufficient funds on your account. You need to proof that you have suffucient means of subsitence – 701 PLN x ___(number of the month that are left to the end of the course+ 3 months) + 2500 PLN (cost of the return ticket[1] + rent for the accommodation x _____(number of the month that are left to the end of the course+ 3 months) + monthly cost of electricity/heating etc. (which are not included in the rent for the accommodation X ____number of the month that are left to the end of the course+ 3 months) + tuition fee for the I semester for the studies

EG. The course lasts 12 months , rent for dormiotry is 600 PLN per month, monthly cost of electricity and heating is 150 PLN, tuition fee for the I sememester is 2000 Euro, 1Euro = 4,30 PLN(

701×15+2500+600×15+150×15+ 2000 Euro x4,30 PLN= 10515 PLN+2500 PLN+ 9000PLN+2250PLN+ 8600 PLN = 32 865 PLN- Minimum means of subsitence

[1] If you are the citizen of one of the neighboring countries of Poland the cost of the return ticket is  500 PLN)
4. Permanent residence certificate (if you reside in one of WUT dorms, you will obtain it there, first please fill in that form) or a rental contract with the owner (if you reside in a private apartment).
5. 2 copies of passport
6. 4 color photographs (current one, 4.5cmx3.5cm)


Up-to-date photographs which are attached to applications for residence permit or applications for issuing documents which are granted for foreigners should reflect facial image without head cover and dark glasses to avoid any reasonable doubts.
Photographs should comply with the following requirements:

  • undamaged, colour, sharp;
  • size 35 mm x 45 mm;
  • made no earlier than 6 months prior to the date of making the application;
  • presenting facial image from the top head to the upper part of shoulders, so that the face occupied 70-80% of the photograph on uniform and light background, in the frontal position, the person must look directly ahead, with eyes open, hair removed from face, natural face expression and closed mouth, and it must reflect natural skin colour;
  • presenting eyes clearly, especially pupils, the line of eyes must be parallel to the upper edge of the photograph.

Note: The foreigner with congenital or acquired vision defects may attach to the application the photograph which reflects him/her in dark glasses. In such case the application shall be accompanied by documents which prove disability and in the case of no possibility of their presentation the foreigner’s statement on disability should be attached.
The foreigner who wears head cover according to the principles of his/her religious denomination may attach to the application the photograph which reflects him/her in head cover, provided that facial image is fully visible. In such a case the application shall be accompanied by the foreigner’s statement on affiliation to the religious community.

7. Filled in application form (download here) – 1 original signed copy + 3 xerox copies.-
8. Proof of payment of application fee – 340 zlotys .

Note: In the case of a need for explaining and clarification of the evidence held by the authority in the case, during the proceedings the receiving unit may be called upon to provide additional documents or to provide testimonies confirming the conditions mentioned in the application.