In order to complete your application to the Foundation Year, please send the scans of the following documents to

  1. English language certificate*
  2. Conditional Acceptance Letter from WUT Faculty
  3. Signed and scanned agreement of participation in the Foundation Year **
  4. Proof of the tuition fee payment (14 000 PLN)

When we receive all the above documents, we will send the candidate a Visa Letter for the interview at the embassy/consulate which will say that he or she will be studying at the Foundation Year at the Warsaw University of Technology  and that they will begin studies at the chosen Faculty in the following academic year on condition that they fulfill all the remaining formalities Рobtain legalization/apostille, eligibility statement, certificate of completion of the Foundation Year.

*For the list of the required language certificates, please click here

**The Agreement will be sent to the candidate by e-mail upon his declaration to participate in the Foundation Year.