About accommodation

In the academic year 2020/2021, students of the Foundation Year will have the possibility to stay at one of the Universities dorms*

*Due to the COVID-19 situation,  this information is subject to change.

To reserve a place in a dormitory, please contact the directly and let us know if you wish to stay in a dormitory and when you are coming.

The students will be able to stay in 2- or 3-person rooms. The price of the dormitory is about 550-600 PLN (160 Euro) monthly.

Attached please find gallery of our dormitories.

Bank accounts for rent payments are availible here.

  1. “Akademik” dormitory
  2. “Babilon” dormitory
  3. “Mikrus” dormitory
  4. “Pineska” dormitory
  5. “Riviera” dormitory