Foreign Language Centre

General Information

The Foreign Language Centre (FLC) is an inter-faculty organizational unit of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), and as such, it has been operating continuously since its founding in 1953. Today the Centre employs 134 teachers of nine languages, 53 of whom are senior lecturers, 15 lecturers and 26 junior language teachers; the remaining teaching staff members are employed under civil law contracts.

The underlying objective of the Centre is to provide curriculum-based courses in foreign languages for students representing 18 different faculties of WUT. We conduct courses for all modes of study, including full-time, part-time, undergraduate, graduate as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies. Our offer comprises curriculum-based courses designed to equip students with the skills required to achieve the best results in their language examinations, as well as elective post-exam language courses covering a broad range of subject areas.

Each semester the Centre organizes classes for approximately 10 000 students, which involves over 20 000 teaching hours. Each examination session a total of approximately 2000 students sit the university B2 examination in all languages taught at the Centre.

Also worthy of note is our offer of the so-called LSP courses (Language for Specific Purposes) available to students who have already passed the obligatory language examination at B2 level. The courses (about 150 on offer per semester) are mostly designed to teach technical language to students of individual faculties and specialialisations.

There are two for-profit units operating within the FLC’s structure, namely the English Language Centre and the Polish Language Centre. Both these units offer a wide variety of paid language courses, including one-year courses of English and Polish designed for foreigners planning to enrol for studies in English or in Polish. The English Language Centre also offers intensive preparatory courses tailored for students who find the number of curriculum-based credit-bearing hours for foreign languages insufficient to enable them to adequately prepare for the obligatory language examination at B2 level.

The Foreign Language Centre is a certified examination centre for PTE General (Pearson), Mondiale Technical English Test (Mondiale Testing GmbH), and an IELTS Venue for the British Council Poland.

The Centre issues certificates confirming language proficiency to students applying for foreign exchange programmes or inter-university projects.