General Regulations

By the resolution of the Senate of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) number 114/XLV/2006 of 25.10.2006, new regulations of foreign languages teaching are introduced for full-time studies at Warsaw University of Technology. Each student is entitled to participate in classes (180-240 hours depending on the faculty) preparing for the examination. The classes are organised in 6-8 teaching modules, 30 hours each. The student has to take the final examination in a foreign language no later than by the end of his first degree studies. The level of the final examination is defined as B2 established in accordance with language competence levels of the Council of Europe. In brief, B2 level translates as the ability to communicate in everyday situations, on job related issues and the ability to present work results and/or scientific achievements.

The Level of Language Input (“I can” statements)
In order to assess the level of language input, all students are tested around the middle of the term before they start their language tuition. All students are recommended to take up the foreign language that they studied at school. The Council of Europe has prepared useful tools to define the language input such as Global table of achievement and self-assessment table. Based on them, the student can easily define the examiner’s expectations and their own skills in the area of four basic language skills: listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking. A B2 examination candidate is described as “an independent user” of a foreign language – recommended level of grammar is at the upper-intermediate level.

The final exam is organised and carried out by the Foreign Language Centre Examination Board at Warsaw University of Technology and supervised by its head. The examination consists of two parts: the written one and the oral one.

The written part is held on the first day of the examination session each semester. The oral part is scheduled on a later date over the subsequent fortnight. Semester grades and examination results will be inserted on pages 76-79 in a student’s record credit book and in the Diploma Supplement.