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Organisation of language teaching from 16.03.2020 to 29.05.2020

Registration for the language courses for undergraduate students of English-medium studies

In the summer semester 2019/2020 Erasmus Program and English-Language studies students may enroll for French and German in English class. Registration for the class via e-mail (
1. French in English M1 module – A1 level  – 30hrs.  
    Thursday 16:00-17:30, room 439, Main Building WUT
2. German in English M1 module – A1 level – 30hrs.  
    Monday 16:15-17:45, room 426B, Main Building WUT

Polish classes

English for Erasmus:
Erasmus students who have English language in their learning agreement please contact your faculty language coordinator. The list available below: link

International Students Ombudsman at Foreign Language Centre!

Registration for the language courses

Student grade report (Karta Zaliczeń Studenta – Języki Obce)

Learning languages for Erasmus students

Current information about courses and examinations is available
on the Polish version of the website.